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Healer Dealer podcast

Welcome to the cosmic highway of exploring your inner and outer worlds.

Healer Dealer podcast

Welcome to the cosmic highway of exploring your inner and outer worlds.

Healer Dealer is a safe space to nourish your personal evolution so you can nurture your creative revolution. 

We’ll get there with honest conversations that deep dive into our hearts and expand our minds so we have the confidence to question our fears, alchemize our shadows and have the courage to create while finding the beauty and humor along the way!

I’m your host Diana Zalucky and I’m a passionate explorer and seeker for all things creativity, consciousness, personal growth and spirituality. I love to share tools, practices and new ways of thinking that blend the mystical with the practical to support you in creating your most inspired fulfilling life. 

After twenty years as a commercial photographer and director, I gave myself permission to expand my expression by hosting this podcast, becoming a bestselling children’s book author and a spiritual advisor, coaching creatives on how to connect and channel their own Akashic Records. 

I’m proud to be a multifaceted creative making all the things and if you’re here, I know you are one too

Healer Dealer is here to support you on the road to embodying the most magical, wise and empowered version of yourself, so you can be deeply connected to the limitless possibilities of your ever-evolving creative genius.

This is Healer Dealer. Let’s get started!


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About Diana

“Diana often speaks in fantasy” were the words written in Diana’s preschool report card. Diana went from an imaginative schoolgirl to a multi-passionate woman living her life as a creator and an adventurer. Diana’s fresh, intimate and cinematic visual storytelling has given her the opportunity to shoot and direct for a wide range of clients all over the world. In 2019, Diana’s love for mystical and magical realms guided her to launch the spiritual podcast Healer Dealer. During the lockdown of 2020, she stepped out into the world as a spiritual advisor helping creatives trust their intuitive gifts and share their unique creative expression with the world. Diana herself wrote her debut children’s story, “Peyton and the Magical Compass”.

Diana loves creating, exploring the mountains, surfing, cuddling with her two magical cats, Lucy and Clash, and reading multiple books at a time.

You can follow her on Instagram @dianazalucky

You’ll see she still speaks in fantasy.

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